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                          Compared with CMP for 300mm wafers, planarizing 200mm wafers with thick copper layers presented new challenges. Smaller polishing head zone sizes, much thicker bulk copper processes, and wafer edge issues added up to a demanding development process.

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                          Factory automation increasingly depends on our ability to make complex decisions rapidly, but many semiconductor fabrication processes have exceeded the cognitive capabilities of humans to troubleshoot anomalies and assess all relevant variables. Thus, automation has become a key strategy used to address these challenges.

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                          After years of discussion about flexible, bendable displays for mobile electronic devices, the first and most logical of these devices, foldable phones, will hit the market this year—along with some as yet unresolved issues and challenges.
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                          Subject matter expertise (SME) will continue to be a critical component of microelectronics manufacturing analytics, especially as we move to smart manufacturing and big data solutions.
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                          Moore’s Law follows the continual advancement of smaller silicon transistors, which is ideal for faster operating speeds in processors and increasing memory size density.

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                          Managing chamber effluent has never been more important, given the need to maintain high tool productivity while meeting cost, environmental and safety requirements.
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                          Applied Materials has led the way over the past few years in determining a big data analytics path for the semiconductor manufacturing industry. 

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                          In an industry as demanding as semiconductor manufacturing, where globalization, capital investments, and technical complexity continue to accelerate, the availability of service parts inventory to ensure equipment availability is a critical success factor.

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                          When Ellie Yieh, fresh out of the University of California at Berkeley’s chemical engineering program, joined Applied Materials 30 years ago, the semiconductor industry was poised to make a series of fundamental technology changes.

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                          In The Age of AI, Maydan Technology Center Evolves

                          When the conversation turns to cooperative semiconductor R&D centers, Applied Materials’ Maydan Technology Center (MTC) in Silicon Valley may not immediately come to mind. But MTC is becoming a busy hub where semiconductor customers work cooperatively with Applied on an ever-widening variety of technical challenges, from logic and memory to emerging memories for AI, IoT and other areas.

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